Fast, Frequent, Free Shuttle

Shuttle ** Mobility

Bayview Village is designed to promote a sense of community in an oasis free from pollution and traffic noise. Homes are arranged around courtyards, so that people have a sense of neighborhood and shared space where informal gatherings are spontaneous. Walking is encouraged by well lit paths throughout Bayview Village. The hub of the community is the Village Square, where the business office, grocery store, and bus-way are located along with the community room and restaurant/café. A limited number of parking spaces, rented separately from residences, will be located near the Village Square, encouraging homeowners to own no, or fewer, cars, and to rely more on walking, cycling and transit. Both interior walkways and those surrounding the Village accommodate public safety and emergency vehicles, as well as moving vans, garbage and recycling trucks. However, these roads are constructed using a green paving system, grasscrete, to maintain the aesthetic of the Village. Indeed, Bayview Village takes “smart growth” to a higher level, incorporating compact development, mixed use, and expanded, alternative transit in a setting convenient to work, home and play.

The Village Bus will provide fast, free, and frequent service to residents - up the hill to California State University and down the hill to the BART station and downtown Hayward, with its restaurants, shops and cinema. The high tech vehicle boasts a hybrid engine with regenerative braking, guided docking, flat, no-step entry, and traffic signal preference. It will operate 24 hours a day on a reliable, posted schedule. Residents would have an eco-pass to ride free. Others could buy tickets at the Village Square office, the BART station, the University Book Store, or at Automatic Ticket Machines at stops along the route.

The Village office staff will provide information on transit routes and schedules, ride-share, car-pooling, car rental, and local, affordable off-site parking. They will manage taxi vouchers for guaranteed ride home health trips for residents as well as the use of the electro carts for delivery of heavy &/or bulky items, and coordinate the delivery of furniture and appliances within Bayview Village proper. The homeowners’ association will manage the use of the community-owned minibus, available for taking kids to school and after school programs and for family and community outings for shopping, cultural events and other things residents might want. Bike racks outside the Village office, at each residence and on the Village Bus encourage cycling as do the many walkways throughout Bayview Village. And, as the City of Hayward completes the Route 238 land use plan, there will most likely be a recreational path from Bayview Village to regional parklands, extending cycling and hiking opportunities.