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Bayview Village is designed to promote a sense of community in an oasis free from pollution and traffic noise. Homes are arranged around courtyards, so that people have a sense of neighborhood and shared space where informal gatherings are spontaneous. Walking is encouraged by well lit paths throughout Bayview Village. The hub of the community is the Village Square, where the business office, grocery store, and bus-way are located along with the community room and restaurant/café. A limited number of parking spaces, rented separately from residences, will be located near the Village Square, encouraging homeowners to own no, or fewer, cars, and to rely more on walking, cycling and transit. Both interior walkways and those surrounding the Village accommodate public safety and emergency vehicles, as well as moving vans, garbage and recycling trucks. However, these roads are constructed using a green paving system, grasscrete, to maintain the aesthetic of the Village. Indeed, Bayview Village takes “smart growth” to a higher level, incorporating compact development, mixed use, and expanded, alternative transit in a setting convenient to work, home and play.

sidewalk cafe

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Imagine being able to walk out your door and:

  • Grab orange juice, or a coffee and pastry at the café on the way to work or class, or order a sandwich, to eat there or to go.
  • Shop for this week's food, or something you forgot, or an impulse craving of the moment at the neighborhood grocery store.
  • Grab cash at the ATM
  • Shop for a gift at the gift shop
  • Pick up the mail, or get a package at the office counter
  • Drop off the children at daycare
  • Walk into a quality restaurant for a more leisurely meal and take in a view of the whole Bay Area from its windows and deck.
  • Attend fun and interesting events at the community center
  • Hit the fitness center, or hike the Foothills Trail
  • Relax in the Residents Lounge

Transporting Things

Most of us use our cars for carrying stuff. Bayview Village has a variety of alternatives for things too heavy to carry.

  • Heavy bulky items. For moving in, furniture or appliances, the Village office will have a handy electric cart available at the office. The cart uses a quiet, low-pollution electric motor, avoiding noisy polluting diesel trucks. Moving vans may come in by prearrangement. Delivery vehicles—postal, UPS, FedEx--park at the delivery curb next to the Village Center.
  • Groceries. For lighter day-to-day items, Bayview Village will have available cloth shopping bags, small two-wheeled shopping carts, and no-step entries to residences.


Visitors coming to Bayview Village by car can park for free at the Hayward BART station or at the downtown Hayward parking structure and take the Village Bus for cost of $1 per person one way. Limited parking at Bayview Village can be reserved for about $1 per hour or $6 per day