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Bayview Village puts theory into practice, making this community the most sustainable development built in California to date, and reaching the equivalent of a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum rating. Stem wall and pier foundations make use of reusable steel footing forms and factory assembled rebar inserts. The modular sizing of foundations allows reuse of the forms and many uses of the same rebar format. Using Computer-aided Design (CAD) allows for developing a program with minimal waste and increased efficiencies in construction. Building construction takes place in a factory on large jigs using a manufacturing model rather than the cottage-industry stick-built, on-site construction. Working hours are predictable, inspections are systematic, and weather problems are all but eliminated. Modules are sized to fit delivery trucks, so they can be transported and assembled onto foundations and bolted into place on a pre-determined schedule, saving everyone time and money.


Most buildings in Bayview Village will run east-west to provide optimal roof orientation for solar energy, and to help create community oriented courtyards, though some buildings will open onto landscaped walkways and small parks, and some will have views of the bay to the west. The roof size for a four bedroom, three story townhouse is 20' x 30', or 600 sq ft. Roofs are designed to accommodate skylights and fans as well as solar panels. Solar collectors are tilted for maximum efficiency. The panels extend off the edge of the roof to serve as eaves and provide weather protection to the building and pedestrians. The ceiling of the top floor is constructed similarly to an interior floor. A steel frame is mounted on this "roof floor," on which the solar panels attach. The panels are accessible from below, allowing installation and servicing from the roof floor. This roof floor is accessible from below, using a ceiling hatch on the townhomes or the stairway of the condominium in the center of a court (i.e., the central six-plex flanked by two six-plexes).

Attention has been given to interior building materials as well. Materials containing formaldehyde are avoided to prevent off gassing and interior pollution which can last for years. Floor coverings are of natural-fiber like wool, cotton, or hemp with minimal stain repellants, and are installed with tacks instead of adhesives. Bamboo flooring is an alternative. Wall paneling, whenever used, avoids plywood and particle board, both of which use formaldehyde-based glues and resins. Paints, adhesives, and sealants are selected to be low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and are Green Seal certified.

Bayview Village will be using factory modular construction. We would like to work with Zeta Communities on the buildings.