Affordable Townhouses and Condos

Bayview Village provides high quality homes and amenities at affordable prices.

How you save:

  • We charge separately for parking so you save on the cost of living space.
  • We save by not building so much for the car. “Free parking” is very expensive. Streets, driveways, parking, covered parking and parking structures (costing $20,000 to $30,000 per space) are costly.
  • Conventional development has two parking spaces on the street and two on the lot for each unit while Bayview Village has one tenth of a space per unit. We can build more housing on the same amount of land—more savings.
  • We have advanced energy and water savings built in, saving on utilities.
  • If you can live without owning a car, or if you can reduce how much you drive, you save some more.

With these savings, you can laugh all the way to the nearby ATM.

Some of the saving goes into quality upgrades, such as free transit pass for the really convenient Village Bus. Because the cost of the bus is shared by everyone though rents and condo fees, we can provide frequent service at a low cost. We also have green housing, community center, fitness center, ecological landscaping, design add-ons, and childcare.