The Market

CSUEB Facility/Staff

It's an easy walk from the campus to Bayview Village (downhill) and a quick bus ride (2 minutes) back up to the center of the campus — a very quick, easy commute. The Bayview Village shuttle bus also provides quick access to downtown Hayward shops, Buffalo Bills, Buon Appetito, The Bijou, other restaurants, Cinema Place, and Hayward BART. BART of course provides efficient access to downtown San Francisco. We'll also have car share and car rental. See our mobility page [Fast, Frequent, Free Shuttle | Mobility]

BART Riders

At Bayview Village you can go from your front door to BART in less than 15 minutes on average, with drop-off at the station entrance. No time is lost hunting for parking and walking in. The Village Bus—free, frequent, and fast – and the thousands of dollars saved by having no car or reduced car use makes BART more affordable.

Work at Home

We show 4 and 6 bedroom townhouses that will work for home offices and work/home living situations. Bedrooms can easily be used as offices and the living, dining, and kitchen area normally on the first floor can as an option be put on the second floor. At the Community Center, we also hope to have a high tech video conferencing room. Needless to say, Bayview Village will be wired for high speed everything.


The "Golden Years" are a time to relax and enjoy life free from hectic family and work schedules. Bayview Village offers community and a place to live free of house maintenance and yard duty—no more reroofing the house, taking the car in for oil changes, or driving every time you need to go the store. If your driving skills are declining, Bayview Village offers a supportive environment of walking and rapid bus. Bayview Village makes travel and trips to see family super easy; lock the front door and you're on your way.


The suburbs are supposed to be the ideal place for raising children. Yet as soon as kids get older they want to walk to friends' houses and ride a bike, or they need chauffeuring to school, lessons and games. Parents have to worry about traffic and driveways and how safe our children are with cars speeding on neighborhood streets. We commit to making a special effort to make Bayview Village more supportive of families than suburbia. We provide a safe place for children to play and grow up. The Village Center will have space designated for child care, so that if enough parents and children want some kind of child care, it can be created relatively easily. We are planning a fenced tot lot play area by the townhouses on the north side. The minibus is designated for taking kids to school and after school activities, and may be used for other places. Schools nearby are the Early Childhood Education Center on campus, Stonebrae Elementary School, Bret Harte Middle School, and Hayward High School. Older kids can safely use transit. Car-free developments in the United States and Europe have been safe havens for large numbers families with children.


Every ground floor entry, about 200 homes in total, has no steps. There are no curbs from the units to the Village Center and Village Square, and the bus will have no step entry with wide doors. Bayview Village will implement elements of universal design to accommodate the disabled, especially for users of wheel chairs and the visually impaired.


Bayview Village is planned to be the greenest possible green development in the United States consistent with affordability. You name it, if we haven't got it, tell us.

Health Conscious

Bayview Village is heaven for walkers, and we think climbing stairs inside a home is also a good idea. The Community Center will have a fitness center on the second floor. We will have a recreational path coming through Bayview Village going up toward Castro Valley and South to South Hayward BART. This path connects to greenbelt trails and Garin Dry Creek regional park. The City View complex next door has a tennis and swim club. Without cars safety is improved, and there's less immediate air pollution.