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The City of Hayward is asking investors to comment on the Bayview Village concept as a way to achieve the goals of the City for developing the quarry.

The City of Hayward is coordinating with HAPA to provide investors with information about Bayview Village starting sometime in November, 2019. Our site has available the brochure being circulated by the City, with more information to come.

Bayview Village would be a walking-oriented community on an old quarry now owned by Caltrans. The project would have about 700 condominiums and townhouses designed to provide healthy, safe, affordable places to live with less dependence on cars. The walkway approach allows substantially more development than typical streets, and is only possible because of the potential for non-auto modes to reach the nearby campus, downtown Hayward, and BART for the four markets Bayview will serve. City policy in support is already in place.

Bayview's residential areas would be largely car-free, with small parks and walkways that lead to a Village Center. The Village Center will include a community center, bus-way, Village Square, grocery store and a cafe with a view of the Bay. The community center will offer mailboxes, ATM, business office, meeting rooms, fitness center, lounge, and more. Daily necessities and many amenities will be within easy walking distance--at most five minutes--to the Center. The Village Bus provides frequent, fast and free service for Village residents, reaching the Cal State campus in two minutes and downtown Hayward and BART in six minutes.

Bayview Village Overview Resources

Walkways vs cars, Affordability (PDF)
Bayview Summary (PDF)
Bayview PowerPoint (PDF)
Bayview Flyer (PDF)
Additional walkways and affordability files

View from Bayview Village Cafe at twilight

View from the Bayview Village Cafe at twilight